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Culture Arts Literature Literature in Larissa during the period between two World Wars Larissa

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Literature in Larissa during the period between two World Wars
The work of the literary men of the period after Second World War
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Literature in Larissa during the period between two World Wars

Psyrras Thomas, Literature in Larissa (19th to 21st century), Draft, Larissa, 2008, in Greek language

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While entering at the twentieth century, the new populations which were integrated to the city, they create the identity of the Larissian citizenship by facing Larissa as "their city". It is characteristic that as much as this identity of the Larissian matures, many significant works are produced. An example is Epaminondas G.Farmakidis who writes at 1926, a work of reference for the local history of Larissa; he writes the book "City of Larissa- from mythological years up to its annexation to the New Greek State".

These new populations share common everyday experiences as a result of their cohabitation, it is exactly these moments which press and literature are being established in the intellectual life of the city. Moreover, during 30’s, makes his appearance one of the most famous writers of Larissa and probably the most significant, his name is M. Karagatsis (1908-1960), pseudonym of his real name, Dimitris Rodopoulos.

Generally, during the period between two World Wars and especially in 1922 onwards as we are moving away from the consequences of the two catastrophic world wars, a financial and intellectual flourishing period starts at Larissa. The young people make excursions to the countryside of Larissa, they make sports, they start to travel all around Greece, and they establish the "Greek Club of Mountaineers". Larissians organize associations and conferences; speakers are invited also from Athens. There are private saloons of literature like that of Lili and Apostolis Koltsidopoulos family. The local press "Eleftheria" has a literary periodical page every fifteen days.